The Divine Feminine

The divine feminine is the spiritual inner resource from which African-American women can derive the strength and perseverance for their journey through the African diaspora. An affinity to nature and the elements is essential to our finding the way to a place of refuge. In this phase of my work, I am incorporating the African deities of water, fire, and air in my drawings to express our inner power and connectedness.  

Oshun, the Yoruba goddess of water, radiates a healing and nurturing energy amid the waterlilies and seaweed. Oya, goddess of fire, is immersed in, but not consumed by the flames. She wears the Adinkra symbol “Hye Won Hye” on her chest which means “that which does not burn.” We are reminded that no matter how many challenges we face, our soul and spirit can remain indestructible and imperishable.

Life Mask
16″ x 24″
21″ x 15″
Oshun 2
16″ x 22″
Deep Water
16″ x 22″
24″ x 18″
Into the Air
24″ x 18″

Earth Mother
24″ x 18″
21″ x 18″
Dream Of Flying
18″ x 24″
Dream of Flying II
24″ x 18″

Black Butterfly
16″ x 22″